Emerging Consumers

Reach millennials and other emerging markets with FINTECH enabled new products

FINTECH Partnerships

Bundled FINTECH and consulting to accelerate speed to market and implementation

Digital Marketing

Predictive Analytics and digital marketing to drive customer acquisition and adoption

Market Analysis and Segmentation

Client needs:

How large is our market?

Who is our target customer?

What is our revenue potential and ROI?

FINTECH Partner Selection

Client Needs:

What type of FINTECH partner do we need?

Who are the most qualified providers?

How do we select the best partner?

Implementation and Training

Client needs:

Get buy-in across organization.

Assess compliance risk.

Retrain employees.

Fast rollout and launch.

Predictive Analytics and Digital Marketing

Client Needs:

How do we reach these consumers?

How do we use data and digital channels?

How do we measure performance?

About New Market Partners

New Market Partners works with financial institutions to introduce new products for consumers who are not fully served by traditional banking. We offer program services and consulting to enable our clients to understand their market opportunity, get to market quickly, and drive consumer adoption. We partner with the industry’s leading emerging payments providers in the areas of prepaid debit, mobile payments, mobile check deposits with instant funds, mobile bill pay, and person-to-person funds transfer.